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10:00 am - 3:00 pm (Mon -Fri)

Admission Guidelines of Holy Kid's Public School

1. Daily Routine: Daily routine includes P.T. assembly, teaching periods, moral instructions, and the development of recreational activities.
2. The School Uniform: The school uniform is Meroon Check for Monday through Friday.

Boys: Navy Blue pants or shorts, Blue and White check shirt, Black Shoes, Blue Sweater & Blue and White Tie, (short haircut, Hair hanging over the ear or over the shirt collar is not allowed)

Girls: Navy Blue skirts (must be long enough to reach at least upon the knee: no miniskirts allowed), Blue and White check blouse or tunic, black shoes, White socks, Blue sweater, and Blue & White tie. (Hair upto the base of the ear or longer) and Blue over coat for the senior girls.

3. Students should wear the above mentioned school uniform from Monday to Thursday only. On Friday, student must wear their respected house jersey (Yellow or Red T-Shirt, White Pant or Skirt, White Shocks and White Keds).